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Royal Palace Datong Shanxi, China, 2015

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  • The client, Shanxi Haisheng Real Estate Developers, wanted to create a new and fresh landscape that surrounds the residential buildings of Royal Palace Datong. The project includes:
  • A dynamic landscape – playground/fitness equipment and fun hills, a place where young and the elderly can meet and have fun
  • A sensory path – where users can experience the 5 senses through textures, herb gardens, the sound of the water, a canopy area and sunken seating
  • An area of wonder – where there's a maze with bridges and mirrors
  • Meditation hills and sculptural valleys – sculptures from local artists, reading staircases, relaxing swings
  • The entrances that will feature sculptural gates, reflective ponds and a golden canopy. Native vegetation is used all throughout the park.