Ametzondo Shopping

Bayonne, France
GBA: 120,000 sqm; GLA 76,000 sqm; Parking Spaces: 3,000
IKEA Centres France
Retail & Leisure

We have used the influence of nature to reinterpret resonant characteristics of the Scandinavian design. Always reflecting on IKEA's roots, the true influences for the evocative architecture of Ametzondo Shopping come from the Scandinavian climate, where nine months of darkness during the winter contrast with short bright summers. Characterised by orderliness and austerity, we wanted to create a design that combines functionality with familiarity through the use of warm and organic materials like timber, which has played an important role in Scandinavian design, alongside other materials such as glass and ceramics. Timber, stones blended smoothly with warm white colour finishes, a water feature and internal greeneries, all create balance and harmony of nature and manmade. Skylights are also introduced to emphasise the indoor – outdoor atmosphere throughout the centre. The result is a symphony of simplicity and elegance