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Design International celebrates opening of Aura Valle Aurelia in Rome

Vie, 20/04/2018 - 11:55

Design Interntational opened another project on 19th April when, in Rome, the formal inauguration of our Aura Valle Aurelia was held. Close to the Vatican, the Mall, commissioned by CDS Holdings SpA and ORION, is part of the larger urban redevelopment project for the Valle Aurelia district seeking to enhance the former Fornace Veschi. As with all our projects, Aura Mall is designed in sympathetic response to the local context. So, the design actively follows the natural contours of the side, using height differentials to create access points and offer unique views of the surroundings and the city beyond. One of the defining characteristics of our projects is also our focus on creating permeable structures which allow easy access as well as the blending of interior and exterior spaces, all of which are flooded with natural daylight. At Aura Mall the shape and materials of the canopy above the gallery space enhance this further. With over 60 shops and many restaurants Aura Mall is an important feature in the reinvigoration of this ancient part of the Eternal City, giving the many people living in the surrounding residential areas a natural destination where they can gather, be that for eating and celebrating or for shopping.