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Al Araimi Walk

Jue, 03/05/2018 - 14:09

May 1st, the Al Raid group officially unveiled news of their latest development, Al Araimi Walk. Located in Al Samahan, Barka, this will be the largest entertainment, leisure and outlet destination in Oman; and is part of the US$ 1bn investment pledged by Sheikh Abdullah Ali Al Araimi and his Al Raid Group to support the country’s rapidly expanding retail and hospitality sector. Design International is delighted to be associated with these ambitious plans, providing both our innovative design flair and our extensive experience as lead architect to create the unique destination of Al Araimi Walk.

Throughout the development, key characteristics and motifs of traditional local architecture are reinterpreted for the 21st century.  Examples include the large, intricate skylight, composed of hexagonal modules which use extremely hi-tech material (ETFE) to recreate the shapes of traditional latticework in Oman; and the 400m long facade which is designed as an open colonnade to allow the fluid interplay of spaces within and outside the building. Nature is woven throughout the interior of Al Araimi Walk, both in the choice of materials with their organic leitmotif, the selection of plants, and the creation of specific areas in the building that give form to defining aspects of the local surroundings, such as oasis, mountain and marketplace.  This is eloquently described also in the colour palette of sand.