Nave De Vero

Venice, Italy
GBA: 68,000 sqm; GLA: 38,529 sqm; Parking Spaces: 2,400
Retail & Leisure
April 2014

Inspired by Venice's merchant trading history, the project incorporates design features that reflect the integration of the past with the present. "La Nave"- the ship- makes up part of the complex's grand main entrance. "Vero" means glass in the local Venetian dialect. The tall glass atrium, shaped as a ship, emerges dramatically from the building. The facades represent the sides of the hull and are made of special porcelain ceramic that reflects the light, recalling a bow wave. Inside, visitors are guided towards a central element called “il Faro” (the Lighthouse). This was conceived as a homage to the Chania Lighthouse, built on Crete by the Venetians in the mid-fourteenth century. Arriving at the city, which is a reproduction of a map of Venice, visitors can explore sequences of squares that reveal themselves, creating unexpected vistas and dynamic movement throughout.

Sustainability was another key part of the brief and Nave de Vero was the first shopping centre in Italy to be awarded a BREEAM sustainability rating of Very Good