Cleopatra Mall

Cairo, Egypt
GBA: 286,000 sqm; GLA: 113,800 sqm; Parking Spaces: 5,000
Cleopatra Group
Retail & Leisure
Hospitality & Residential

The concept takes ancient Egyptian laws of geometry, proportion and symmetry into the 21st century and the resulting architecture is contemporary and organic in design, reflecting on the past and looking into the future at the same time. The iconic design is characterised by a gigantic canopy that covers the central area of the scheme and has  a span of over 200 metres. This ‘wave in the desert’, is an architectural statement that covers both internal and external activities. With over 250,000 square metres of covered surface, Cleopatra Mall integrates a blend of sales areas, services, educational experiences, entertainment, body and personal care, catering, hospitality and relaxation. There are also large areas dedicated to the sale of fresh, high quality foods, and fast food, offering specialities prepared on the spot according to the best Arabic and Mediterranean street-food tradition. Currently under construction, Cleopatra Mall interweaves luxury with the most authentic local culture.