Our Sectors

Retail & Leisure

The world today is changing fast, and with it the expectations of consumers shift rapidly too. Against this backdrop, Design International has an enviable track record as a practice that actively anticipates trends in consumer needs. We were one of the first to incorporate spaces for play and virtual reality into a shopping mall, thereby attracting new and different consumers to the mall.

We understand that consumers increasingly see shopping as just one element of their visit and so, drawing on our retail experience built over 50 years in the sector, we create places that attract people and encourage them to stay, soaking up the unique and memorable experiences we have created.      

We craft places that create a unique blend of local stories and innovative design, ensuring that our buildings meet both the needs of our clients as well as the communities who live alongside, work and visit our buildings.


Designing the modern, urban environment is increasingly challenging as the boundaries between the different world modes we inhabit shift exponentially. The former clear demarcations between spaces for work or play, home or office, individual or group are blurring, so being able to design multi-faceted environments well is a must.

It requires skill, a wealth of knowledge, strong lateral thinking and the ability to combine and draw on many different, individual disciplines. Design International provides all these, and more. We offer expert input from concept to completion of the project; from research and master planning to technical teams on site to oversee each stage of the build; from early design to detailed lighting and landscape design.

Through our designs, we reflect not only the changing needs, expectations and tastes of our time, but also ensure that our buildings meet best practice sustainability standards, thus creating places that stand the test of time.

Hospitality & Residential

Faced with increasing competition and demanding consumers, knowing how to design hospitality spaces that create the perfect blend of environment, functionality and creativity within a given budget requires great skill and expertise. Drawing on the many years’ experience of our team, some of whom are among the most able designers in the field, we create welcoming and hospitable environments where everything works beautifully, where we achieve the right balance between public and personal realms without sacrificing creativity or the opportunity to design spaces that provide moments of real delight. 


“It’s all about understanding the customers’ journey, creating an experience for the guest and ultimately building communities

Davide Padoa, CEO


The rise of the 24/7 lifestyle coupled with the evolution of technology that allows many more people to tailor their work-life has altered office design beyond all recognition. The considerations that must be addressed are many and varied: is your space designed with the workforce in mind?

Will it stimulate your people and create that happy and productive workforce you seek?  Does it make the best use of the space and showcase your brand and your work? Does it provide a positive experience for your employees, for your clients, your visitors and passers-by?

Using our strengths in translating individual stories into narratives that shape places, Design International is well equipped to help you develop the perfect space you seek.