Lulu Mall Lucknow

Lucknow, India
GBA: 118,925 sqm; GLA: 67,423 sqm; Parking Spaces: 1,365
Lulu Group International
Retail & Leisure
June 2022

The architectural form is an extraverted architectural projection that integrates with the street and introduces the concept of a ‘High Street’ with ‘Piazzas’. 

It does so whilst taking into consideration the existing scenarios of Lucknow’s main attractions, such as the fusion of green areas, piazzas and pathways in the Hazratganj Market. Inspired by traditional architecture, the skylight’s pointed arch geometry allows natural light to the interior, while providing protection and reducing energy demand.

The length of the façade on the Amar Shaheed Path posed a particular challenge; 330 meters long with only one main entrance. The solution comprises an articulation of volumes that emerge and retreat following a specific rhythm, whilst highlighting key features like the main entrance, food court, advertising elements and parking deck bridge.